Areas of activity

Assistance to Ukrainians who are in difficult circumstances.

We care about internally displaced persons, citizens of de-occupied territories and people with disabilities.

Involvement of external and internal partners to help Ukraine.

More people mean more input. Our experienced managers are focused every day on effectively helping as many people as possible with the involved partners.

Participation and organization of charity events.

Charitable events help us in the realization of a defined mission - the formation of a culture of charity by our own example, to inspire Ukraine to change and be a model for the world.

Hospitals are equipped
10 tons
Kilogram of food was distributed as humanitarian aid
49m ₴
Amount of aid provided
People were helped


Збір для воїнів з 1 ОШР «Вовки Да Вінчі»



100% Donated
Goal : ₴50,000.00

Збір на ⚡️



113% Donated
Goal : ₴60,000.00

Збір для онкохворих діток



129% Donated
Goal : ₴25,000.00

Fundraising for 150 backpacks for IDP children



100% Donated
Goal : ₴105,000.00

Need help?

We all went through the impossible: our defenders at the front, volunteers, communities of the de-occupied territories, displaced persons, charitable organizations, medical institutions. But the strong also need help.

Join the volunteer team

If you can take a few hours a week to help, join. If you can take a few days a week to help, join. If there is an opportunity to make our volunteer office your second home, join us.


Our Team


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